Industrial Knives with Profile

Industrial knives and technical knives are used in a wide variety of industries and commercial operations to manufacture and process materials. Depending on the field of application, these special knives are subject to very special requirements in terms of precision, wear resistance, cutting edge stability as well as freedom from distortion and evenness when exposed to heat.

Near-net shaped special profiles for more cost effectiveness

voestalpine BÖHLER Profil relies on profiles which are very close to the final shape of the knife. This leads to distinctive advantages in further processing and cost-effectiveness. In order to further increase efficiency, finished industrial knives are also manufactured – as a result no machining is necessary afterwards.

High quality materials for the best profiles

In order to meet these requirements, industrial knives from voestalpine BÖHLER Profil are made from the highest quality materials such as tool steel types 1.2379, 1.3343 and 1.2080 are manufactured. The composition of the alloy is crucial for excellent quality. For voestalpine BÖHLER Profil, standards are a matter of course, but the market demands more. That is why voestalpine BÖHLER Profil does not range at the lower end of the standard specifications when it comes to the the composition of the alloys, but focuses 100% on the best product properties.

  • Carbon is very important for the hardness and tensile strength of the alloy steel, which increases with the content.
  • Silicon increases wear and toughness as well as the elastic limit.
  • Manganese increases the strength of the steel and ensures great wear resistance.
  • Chromium is an important carbide former and improves wear resistance.
  • Molybdenum is a strong carbide former and ensures fine grain formation, it improves the cutting properties, increases strength and toughness.
  • Vanadium is an important carbide former and increases wear resistance, it provides a fine-grained cast structure and increases the elastic limit.

The strength lies in the hardness

Perfectly coordinated and monitored hardening processes lead to the best hardening properties with the lowest tolerances and fluctuations. Particularly complex geometries are hardened using laser hardening. Due to the targeted and localized heat input, the industrial knife hardly warps during processing. This experience is particularly suitable for mechanically and chemically highly stressable industrial knives. The result of a perfectly coordinated hardening process is directly reflected in the quality of the end products and also in the amount of scrap.

Added value that convinces in a wide variety of industries

Sawmill and pulp industry

Renowned machine manufacturers in the sawmill and pulp industry have been among our customers for many decades. For everything from knife profiles for cutting heads to bracket profiles for disc chippers, tailored solutions make a decisive contribution to the qualitative market leadership of our customers.




Wood panel industry

In close innovative cooperation with our customers, we develop products such as disposable knives and wear shoes for the wood panel industry. Experts at voestalpine BÖHLER Profil apply their knowledge and experience to the continuous improvement of system solutions.




Planing mill industry

voestalpine BÖHLER Profil persuades in the planing mill industry by precision products from high speed steel for interchangeable planer knives. Thanks to constant advancement and continuous improvement of our production facilities, we are able to offer our customers products that meet their requirements and ensure their commercial competitiveness.




Recycling industry

Environmental protection and resource conservation are vital, especially nowadays. Recycling and reuse of raw materials are therefore increasingly important. voestalpine BÖHLER Profil offers the right products for many applications in the recycling industry, such as shredding, pelleting, grinding or chopping.




Textile industry

Due to its many advantageous properties, cotton is the most frequently used natural fiber in the textile industry. In order to process cotton fibers into textiles, the fiber tufts must first be properly prepared in carding machines. For these machines, voestalpine BÖHLER Profil uses special structural steel to make dedusting knives for cleaning the fiber tufts. The resulting spun yarns are used to produce household and garment fabrics, among other uses. The textile industry additionally offers numerous other opportunities for using special profiles.



Sawmill and Pulp Industry K329 Chipper-Steel
Wood Panel Industry K329 Chipper-Steel
Planing Mill Industry K329 Chipper-Steel
S200 1.3355 HS18-0-1
S500 1.3247 HS2-9-1-8
S600 1.3343 HS6-5-2C ~ M2
Recycling Industry K100 1.2080 X210Cr12 ~D3
K110 1.2379 X153CrMoV12 D2
S600 1.3343 HS6-5-2C M2 Reg.C
S700 1.3207 HS10-4-3-10
Textile Industry K110 1.2379 X153CrMoV12 D2
S200 1.3355 HS18-0-1
S600 1.3343 HS6-5-2C ~ M2 reg.C
V945 1.1191 C45E
Many other materials available


Josef Kralovec

Product Management and Business Development - Industrial Knives

+43 50304 45 24206


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