voestalpine BÖHLER Profil is internationally synonymous with high-quality steel profiles that not only convince with best material properties, but also realize enormous potential savings in further processing. Due to the focus on near-net shaped special profiles, a large portion of the waste that would arise from milling and machining of steel bars is eliminated. This sustainable production approach has a positive effect on the material properties, protects the environment and the customer’s budget.


Thanks to the high level of vertical integration and an R&D team, which is a pioneer in the field of special profiles internationally, voestalpine BÖHLER Profil is able to strike up development partnerships from a wide variety of industries with international customers. These partnerships often result in best practice solutions that define the standard of tomorrow in the market.





Sustainability at all levels

At voestalpine BÖHLER Profil, sustainability is very important in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and energy efficiency. We have been carrying out targeted activities for many years to meet this requirement.

  • steel is 100% recyclable
  • reduction of CO2 emissions through special profiles
  • boosting efficiency andsustainable resource conservation
  • electricity self-sufficiency through the company’s own green power plant
  • min. 2% annual reduction in overall energy consumption
  • return & recycling of residual materials
  • personal protective equipment individually for each employee
  • supporting measures for health protection
  • behavior based safety



Zero tolerance for tolerances

Depending on the dimension of the profiles, they are produced in different production plants using specially developed processes. While larger cross-sections receive their profile in the open rolling mill, smaller cross-sections are manufactured on the computer-controlled continuous rolling line. The material runs over several deformation stages or rollers and through a precisely controllable heating system. Profiles from voestalpine BÖHLER Profil do more than just meeting the highest demands on deformation and at the same time have the smallest manufacturing tolerances.

Custom alloys

Thanks to the close cooperation with the sister company voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl and other partners, not only high-quality profiles are made of unalloyed steel, but also profiles out of nickel-based and titanium alloys that exactly meet the requirements of customers from a wide variety of industries.

Industrial Knives with Profile

Industrial knives and technical knives are used in a wide variety of industries and commercial operations to manufacture and process raw materials and products.
Depending on the area of application, these special knives are subject to very special requirements in terms of precision, wear resistance, cutting edge stability as well as freedom from distortion and evenness when exposed to heat.

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Flying with Profile

The aviation industry is one of the most innovative and one with the
greatest safety requirements worldwide. Special profiles made of highly complex alloys play a crucial role in the construction of a wide variety of components. Whether in the aircraft turbine, in the loading hatch or in the cargo hold: voestalpine BÖHLER Profil products reliably perform their duties for the most well-known aviation manufacturers worldwide.

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Energy Efficiency with Profile

Covering energy requirements while protecting the environment is one of nowadays’ challenges. Turbines that serve as energy generators as well as energy recyclers are exposed to the most extreme thermal and mechanical loads.  An endurance test that couldn’t be tougher.

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Diversity with Profile

voestalpine BÖHLER Profil is the international expert in the field of high-quality steel profiles that not only convince with best material properties, but also realize enormous potential savings in further processing. There are numerous development partnerships with companies from a wide variety of industries in which the standards of tomorrow are created.

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Each profile individually adapted to the needs

voestalpine BÖHLER Profil offers high-quality materials in top quality and responds to the individual needs of each customer. There are countless steel grades, but also nickel-based alloys, which are processed into intelligent profile solutions.

The configuration variants consisting of materials, melting types, designs, heat treatments, surfaces and more result in an individual and unique special profile for every customer.

The focus of product development is the consideration of the entire manufacturing process: from the raw material to the finished part of the customer. Only through the holistic view of the entire process chain an optimal finished part can be guaranteed.

Materials Tool steels
High speed steels
Creep resistant steels
Special physical steels
Stainless steel, acid and heat resistant steels
Unalloyed and alloyed steels
Nickel-based alloys
Heat treatable steels
Case-hardening steels
Melting Conventional
Execution rolled
Heat treatment natural hardened
Surface finish unmachined



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