Energy Efficiency with Profile

Covering energy requirements while protecting the environment is one of nowadays’ challenges. Turbines that serve as energy generators as well as energy recyclers are exposed to the most extreme thermal and mechanical loads. An endurance test that couldn’t be tougher. voestalpine BÖHLER Profil develops and produces special profiles such as rhombus profiles, which make it possible to optimize subsequent processes sustainably and to guarantee highly efficient and safe energy generation.

Special profiles from voestalpine BÖHLER Profil can be found in turbine blades (guide and rotor blades) of gas and steam turbines, as well as in components of generators. If required the profiles are made of heat-resistant steels.

The near-net-shape manufacturing of product solutions including a wide variety of materials that exactly meet individual requirements make profiles from voestalpine BÖHLER Profil, among other things, a unique overall package of product and material in thermal power plants. The special requirements of the finished component with regards to mechanical, chemical and thermal loads are in focus at all times.

Example applications:

  • Special profiles for the production of components (e.g. guide and rotor blades) for gas and steam turbines
  • Special profiles for the production of generator components
  • Special profiles made from heat-resistant steels with high strength at elevated temperatures

T200 A288 1.4943, 1.4944, 1.4980 S66286 X4NiCrTi25-15, X5NiCrTi26-15 5731, 5732
T262 1.4986 X8CrNiMoBNb16-16
T550 1.4922, 1.4923, 1.4926, 1.4934 X20CrMoV12-1, X22CrMoV12-1, X21CrMoV12-1
T552 Jethete 1.4933, 1.4938, 1.4939 S64152 X11CrNiMo12, X12CrNiMo12 5719
T602 1.4120, ~ 1.4921 X19CrMo12-1
T651 1.4021
T655 1.4006 X12Cr13
P501 1.3964 S20910 X2CrNiMoNNb21-16-5-3 ≈ XM-19
P550 1.3813 X40MnCrN19
P572 1.3805 X35Mn18
W100 1.2581 X30WCrV9-3
many other materials available

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Sales - Engineered Profiles

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